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My jewelry designs reflect my life, and my life can best be described as a walk on the beach!
Like many native Floridians I have a natural affinity for the ocean and the sand, and whether surfing,sailing,or just being there, I am never far from where the land meets the sea. From my earliest days, I have always had a gift for gleaning treasures from the sand. Sea glass, shells, shark's teeth, bits of coral, or shiny stones often reveal themselves to me when the water and waves unveil their presence. In my designs I try to interplay pieces of color and reflection bound with natural connections inspired by the way things are found on the beach: unpretentious, with some small surprises, and an encompassing sense of thankfulness and wonder. A walk on the beach can be fun and playful, it can be full of meaning and purpose. I like to create jewelry that can be both.
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